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August 1, 2008
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From Point A to Point B by IonToon From Point A to Point B by IonToon
This was meant to be a gift for the talented :iconnanuka: but I kind of made it into a competition entry for her Around the World Contest. I still think that I owe Nanuka something more then this.

I actually got this done a few weeks ago but only did the final touches a week ago. I am not a very good comic person but I thought it the best way on tell a certain scenario or journey.

Basically Marko is just delivering mail and is having a hard time getting from one place to the other. Marko pays Sonar for a plane ticket and eventually gets gun down by a couple of Marko’s old acquaintances in the middle of the desert.

I did mean to get it done sooner and I hope you like it.
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BuzzTheWolf Mar 1, 2009  Student General Artist
Hope they don't come back to finish the job, with her whining like that, she probably would use him as her cover!
:iconkovat: evryone the style! ..makes me wish myne was less..rigid...

lol..was working on a insomniac doodle ...meant to be a gift for yah..but i forgot how to draw Marko!! ...grr


love the clothes as well!!..gota learn how to draw clothes i do..
spitzen Aug 6, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This comic/contest entry is beautifully made!! I love the interactions and varying view angles of the characters! :D

I especially enjoy, for some reason, seeing Marko point to the destination with his nicely weathered hand! :)
Thank you and I thought that I would be a funny jester to have Sonar and Marko stuck in the middle of the desert.
inaliak Aug 5, 2008  Professional Filmographer
oh man, I LOVE comics and ive been thinking of doing a little scenario similar (different story though) and this is so inspiring!!!!! I love it!The angles and interaction is great! Not to mention the pretty arts! ^^
Thank you so much it means a lot to me and would love to see you doing a comic. I am glad that I have inspired you and would do a lot more comics if I had more time…but soon I will. ^^
Your style with furries looks so terrific! I love the colouring, posing, plus the little joke there! XD

Real nice! I sure as heck wouldn't mind a gift like this! :lol:
Thank you I really did try my best to her something good.
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